Saturday, February 11, 2017

Capturing Moments in Time

When I reflect back on my life there are moments with people that are etched in my memory. There are dates in time that are unforgettable and they explain my journey of life.

This last weekend several experiences with family had me reflecting on the next chapter of my life, and felt like it was one of those memorable weekends.  

My Aunt and Uncle, who are like my 2nd parents, visited my new place in Tampa and it felt like a passage from one life that we shared together in Connecticut/NJ, to a new life with new experiences in Florida.

Then my sister came down with her son, and we celebrated his 2nd birthday.  A new tradition that started last year when we had his 1st birthday party at my house.

My brother then called to share his professional and personal news, and wedding plans being to unfold.  Another family celebration to look forward to this year.

But even more memorable for me was a feeling that I was about to walk through a New Doorway to the next phase of my life.

I felt like I had gotten my Mojo back and a new and improved Tracey has emerged.

The last few years have been a work in progress ~ as I guess was part of God's plan.  And Zack and I had to process, heal and grow into a new life.

On Super Bowl Sunday, as has been my tradition for many, many years, I was watching it with Zack.  This year my Aunt and Uncle watched it with us, and I shared how Jeff used to always run a Super Bowl pool at work and the Meadowlands, and have his paper with all the boxes with him to see who won at the end of each quarter.

A few minutes later I was posting pictures from the weekend on Facebook and Jeff's name popped up, as if he was being tagged in the photos!

I showed my Aunt, who was sitting next to me on the couch.  Jeff just wanted to reach out to me and let us know that he was here watching the Super Bowl with us......with my Aunt and Uncle who he loved so much, and while watching one of his favorite games.

This time it felt good seeing his name pop up on my Facebook post.

The pain has subsided and we are moving on, as he would want us to.

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