Monday, January 16, 2017

Hope and Dreams Manifest

In late October, after my Big Birthday, which was an uncomfortable milestone for me, I felt an old part of myself float to the surface.

The Adventurous and Ambitious piece of my personality that had gotten buried was being awakened.

And the idea of resurrecting a true Vision Board ~ created with intention, came to life.

I began to make a list of personal and professional dreams for 2017 and pulled out all of my magazines to find visuals to accompany my thoughts.

A Vision Board becomes a Pact between you and the universe showcasing what you want to achieve this year.  By tacking it up in my office, near my computer, I get to look at it every day and Manifest Those Intentions.

As I walked through Barnes and Noble this weekend, I reflected on the magazines I purchased 2 years ago to find visuals of the life I wanted to create in Tampa, after leaving New Jersey.  Visuals so I could SEE what I wanted to create.

Due to God's support, those visions have become a reality!

Now is the time to see the Next Series of Goals unfold.

Through this blog, I will share with you my Dreams and Goals, as well as the work I will do to bring them into reality and the Progress that is made.

What are your Goals and Dreams for 2017?

Have you created a Vision Board to manifest your intentions?

God can't support your dreams if he doesn't know your intentions.

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