Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Purpose Driven Life

Books seem to come across my path just when I need them.  It doesn't matter that my sister gave me "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren years ago.

I think I had started it and then put it aside.  I was probably not ready at the time to fully understand its messages.

I had been wanting a Bible Study type book, to dive into after the first of the year, and came across this book, tucked away on my book shelf, waiting for the right time.  I know I would get to it one day.

A 40-day Journey into the deeper meaning of our Purpose, which God has revealed to us within the passages of the Bible.

I was looking for assurances that I was on the Right Path.  That I was doing what God intended me to do.

Throughout all of life's challenges, I believed that God has a Plan ~ I was hoping to understand it better by delving into this book.

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